The Sad TRUTH About Princess Catherine’s Photoshop & Surgery??

Kate Middleton Photoshop Pic Surgery Truth

What’s really going on with Princess Catherine??

That’s the hot goss everyone wants to know at the moment. Folks around the world are genuinely concerned about Kate’s well-being after the royal family’s extremely odd PR moves the past couple weeks.

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On her latest Deux U podcast, DeuxMoi revealed what she’s heard from her sources, and it’s nothing as sinister as her being missing or in a coma. It’s just, as the Palace said, a scheduled surgery. Only her recovery isn’t going very well. The gossip hound claimed:

“I heard she doesn’t look that great, that she looks very frail because of her condition.”

That condition? Deux is pretty adamant she’s heard the same thing from all her sources: Crohn’s disease. Per the Mayo Clinic, Crohn’s is an “inflammatory bowel disease” which causes swelling of the digestive tract, causing “abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition.” Deux says she heard the Princess “had a huge part of her intestines removed” and possibly even has “an ostomy bag” now.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the theory either. And it would certainly line up with the Palace’s “abdominal surgery” quote. But why aren’t they just being up front about that? Why use an old and heavily doctored photo in some effort to prove she’s OK? Why wouldn’t she just make a short selfie video for their IG page? Per Deux’s sources, not being seen is her call — because of how she feels:

“She doesn’t look presentable — in her opinion. She doesn’t feel presentable to the public. That’s why she’s been in hiding.”

That’s heartbreaking. If true, it’s so sad she feels so much pressure to look perfect that she doesn’t think she can be seen at all in public now. But it also wouldn’t be shocking. So why are they being so secretive about it??

We certainly wouldn’t want to force someone who doesn’t want to be out in public to do so. We just wish The Firm wouldn’t be so sus about all of it. We honestly never would have had any worries before they started putting out fake-looking photos and whatnot. Frankly, we have to wonder if the royals have just gotten so used to lying and keeping things secret they just aren’t any good at telling a really simple truth. After all, if she’s not feeling up to being in public for the time being after a tough surgery, that’s nothing to be all cloak and dagger about. And if they’d just released a statement saying so, we doubt nearly so many people would be wondering about what’s really going on.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is the truth that simple??

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