Biden Stated He Will Unveil International Vaccination Plan


Under heavy pressure to do more to address the global coronavirus vaccine shortage as he travels to the UK to meet with Group of 7 Nations leaders, President Biden said Wednesday that he has a vaccination strategy for gonna imagine the world but he didn’t provide details.

“I have one and I will announce it,” Biden said shortly before joining Air Force One on his first overseas trip as President.

White House officials were unwilling to provide any further details until Mr. Biden’s expected remarks. His coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey D. Zients, whom he blamed for global vaccination, said in a statement that the president would use the “moment” of the US vaccination campaign “to help the world’s democracies To collect solution to this crisis worldwide. America is leading the way in developing the arsenal of vaccines that will be vital in our global fight against Covid-19. “

Other nations have asked the United States to share some of their abundant vaccine supplies. Last week, Mr Biden said the United States would be distributing 25 million doses to countries in the Caribbean and Latin America this month; South and Southeast Asia; Africa; and the Palestinian Territories, Gaza and the West Bank.

These cans are the first of 80 million that Mr Biden intended to send abroad by the end of June; three quarters of these are distributed by the international vaccination initiative Covax. The rest will be used to address urgent and urgent crises in countries like India, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, government officials said.

But activists have insisted that the effort is nowhere near enough. They urge the Biden government and leaders of other developed nations to go beyond overdose sharing by setting up a plan to expand overseas manufacturing and urging vaccine manufacturers to transfer their technology to other nations.

Mr Biden has already pledged to support a waiver of an international intellectual property agreement that would require vaccine manufacturers to share their technology. However, European leaders are still blocking the proposed exemption, and pharmaceutical companies are firmly opposed to it. The World Trade Organization’s Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Council meets this week to review the derogation.

“The truth is, world leaders have been taking to the streets for months – to the point where they ran out of roads,” Edwin Ikhouria, executive director for Africa at ONE Campaign, a nonprofit with the Aim to eradicate global poverty, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“This is the moment to do everything possible to defeat the virus everywhere,” he said, “starting with sharing your excess doses immediately, fully funding global Covid vaccine distribution initiatives,” and a commercially viable strategy to develop to distribute them to countries in need.

Mr Biden’s announcement comes after the United States vaccinated at least part of 52 percent of its population. But with the pace of vaccination slowing down sharply since mid-April, the Biden administration is pursuing an accessibility and incentive strategy to reach Americans who have not yet been vaccinated.

Despite these efforts, there are unused doses of vaccine that could be wasted.

Equal access to vaccines has become one of the most persistent challenges in containing the pandemic. Wealthier nations and private corporations have pledged tens of millions of vaccine doses and billions of dollars to sustain global supplies, but the disparities in vaccine allocations so far have been stark.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, warned earlier this week that the world is facing a “two-pronged pandemic,” where countries with vaccine scarcity struggle with virus cases even with better supplies of nations are returning to normal.

These lower-income countries will largely depend on wealthier ones until vaccines can be distributed and produced on a more equitable basis, he said.