YouTube star faces felony cost for alleged insurance coverage fraud


Court documents received by the news agency alleged that Wetzel – through its AAA-affiliated tow company Winder Towing – claimed over $ 15,000 from the nonprofit member insurance provider for towing services based on “known material misrepresentations” in 2019 and August 2020.

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In one case, three vehicles were towed to Salt Lake City, for which the AAA Wetzel paid US $ 2,800 each. However, according to court records, the applicant conceded that his vehicles were not being towed and filed the lawsuit after Wetzel asked him to do so instead of paying for the supply of building materials that Wetzel’s haulage company did.

Another incident involved a Polaris RZR off-road vehicle towed from Sand Hollow State Park in April 2020, which was posted on Wetzel’s YouTube channel. Court documents said AAA’s policies didn’t cover ATV towing, but the vehicle’s owner was able to file a lawsuit after investigations found he was using his friend’s AAA membership and alleging that Wetzel’s company was his friend’s truck towed instead of his RZR.

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The investigators said that Wetzel had made himself responsible for the false claims in a telephone conversation and said that these were “wrong at the front, fair at the back,” according to the court files.

Wetzel also described “similar arrangements” with other clients where his company would do work but would not immediately bill the person or AAA, but then later ask them to claim coverage for the services his company provided, it says in the court document.

The case is being filed by the Washington County Department of Insurance Fraud Division, with charges slated for next week.