Waze route plans will now include electric vehicle charger locations

Waze route plans will now include electric vehicle charger locations

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Electric vehicle-specific navigation is coming to Waze. The map app is rolling out new data beginning today that now includes EV charger location information, which it will use to help EV drivers plan routes.

The new app feature will let you specify your EV type and the relevant charging plug, which you can use to filter just the appropriate charging stations. Waze says that its community will review and update the map data “in real-time to provide the most accurate, comprehensive information to the map.”

Waze’s addition of EV charger location data now gives EV drivers yet another route-planning tool. Apps like PlugShare and A Better Route Planner are both widely used by EV drivers to find chargers, and both Apple Maps and Google Maps have EV-routing features now as well.

EV route planning in Waze.
Enlarge / EV route planning in Waze.


And as EV drivers already know, it’s common practice for all but the barest-bones EV to feature charger locations in their onboard navigation system. In fact, it can be preferable to use that option rather than casting from one’s phone, as many EVs will precondition the battery for faster charging if the native navigation app has a charger set as the destination.

Waze will begin rolling out the EV data from today, although it says it will do so globally “over the coming weeks.”

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