The best cheap tech gifts under $25 for your dad

The best cheap tech gifts under $25 for your dad

  • Price: $10
  • Features: Wireless charging compatible | Anti-slip coating | Fits AirPods Pro case

The Apple AirPods Pro, and more recently the 2nd-generation successor, have become an in-ear staple. Sadly, you can’t find a pair of AirPods for under $25, but I’ll make a case for an AirPods case — a fun one that is. These soft silicone 3D cover cases from WowChic mimic crowd-favorite soda cans, coffee drinks, and snacks, which is perfect for a personal touch. 

If your loved one notorious for misplacing their AirPods or mistaking her own for someone else’s, a custom case with a built-in keychain is a personable, affordable solution. Plus, it can protect their AirPods from drops, dings, and scratches. 

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