Avocado Mattress Review: Best Natural & Organic Bed? – Video

Avocado Mattress Review: Best Natural & Organic Bed? - Video

Speaker 1: So pretty much everyone loves avocado the food, but what about avocado the mattress? We’re gonna talk about that in today’s video.

Speaker 1: Hey, how’s it going? This is Owen. I’m a cite.com. We have our review of the avocado green mattress. This is one of the most popular eco-friendly mattresses, and we’re gonna talk about everything you need to know if you’re interested in it, like what it’s actually made of. There’s a lot of stuff to talk about there, what it’s gonna feel like to sleep on, how firm it is, how much it costs, and who should think about getting [00:00:30] this mattress. If that sounds good and you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to look down below in the description. There’s a ton of resources to help you with your online mattress search, including any discounts we can find to help save you some money on the avocado green mattress. Let’s just move right along to the policy information.

Speaker 1: This is stuff like shipping, returns, child appearance, and warranties. Avocado did send us out this mattress for free so we could test it out and tell you about it, but if you decide to go in for yourself, you’re gonna start with free bed in a box. Shipping the inboxing process for this mattress is pretty quick and easy to do, although it is quite heavy, so I definitely recommend having a friend there to help you [00:01:00] out. It’s just much easier to unbox a mattress with an extra person. I’ve actually unboxed quite a few beds by myself, and while it’s certainly not impossible, it’s much, much harder. So just roping a friend to help you out, and it’s actually kind of fun to watch your mattress and inflate before your eyes, so they should hopefully enjoy it. Once the bed arrives out your door when your trial period begins, avocado gives you an entire year.

Speaker 1: So 365 nights to sleep on the bed at home with your own bedding and everything like that to really form an opinion on the mattress to figure out if you like it and it’s suit your needs. If you decide that it doesn’t [00:01:30] for any reason, you can return it and get a full refund at no extra cost. However, if you decide to keep the bed, which you probably will if you’re doing this much research and watching me talk about mattresses to you in a video, this comes with a lifetime warranty. So a lot of generous policies for the avocado green mattress. We’ll try and link some more information about it down below in the description if you wanna learn more, but that’s not really why you’re here. You want to know about what’s actually inside this mattress and what’s gonna feel like for you to sleep on on a nightly basis.

Speaker 1: So let’s just start with the construction of this mattress at a glance [00:02:00] and then get into more detail because like I said at the top, there’s a lot of stuff to talk about with the construction of this mattress. So it’s gonna start with its support base of recycled steel coils. These are pocketed coils, not inner springs. We’ve talked about pocketed coils a lot on this channel and how they’re pretty much superior to traditional inner springs in almost every way. The gist of it is they give you the same level of bounce and support while being much better isolating motion. That’s pretty cool. And then above those coils, you’re gonna have basically your primary comfort layer of the avocado green mattress, and that’s gonna [00:02:30] be a three inch thick layer of Dunlop latex foam. We’re gonna talk about latex foam here a bit more. And you add the option to get a pillow top with the avocado green mattress, which adds an additional two inches of latex foam.

Speaker 1: And then it’s all wrapped in a really nice organic cotton cover that’s actually hand stitched. There’s actually no glues in this mattress, and it also features a thin layer of wool right underneath the cover, which gives you a little bit more comfort and acts as a natural fire barrier. So I said that it actually uses no, this bed uses [00:03:00] no chemicals whatsoever. This is designed to be an eco-friendly mattress that uses all natural materials, no polyurethane foams, no glues, nothing like that. This bed, from what I have seen, has the highest number of certifications for any bed that I have tested. The latex home inside the mattress is certified organic. The wool inside the mattress is certified organic. The cotton is also certified organic. The coils are made with recycled steel and everything is hand stitched. Again, no glues. And if you wanna look on their website, you can see just the staggering number of certifications [00:03:30] they have from all these different independent organizations to verify just how natural, organic and ethically sourced all the materials in the mattress are.

Speaker 1: Latex home is actually naturally derived from the sap of rubber trees and avocado works directly with farmers to grow these trees and harvest the latex in very sustainable ways. Same with the wool, same with the cotton. It’s actually pretty staggering the amount of effort they go into to make sure how ethically source all the materials are then that they’re natural and that they’re organic and they actually feature a lifestyle vegan version of this [00:04:00] mattress that doesn’t actually feature any wool. So there’s no animal products whatsoever. So the bottom line is, construction wise, if you are really interested in a natural and organic product, you can’t really do a whole lot better than the avocado green mattress. But was it actually gonna feel like for you to lay down on? Well, latex foam has a pretty distinctive feel. I’d like to describe latex foam as almost being the exact opposite of a memory foam.

Speaker 1: You don’t really sink into latex foam all that much and it’s super responsive. So if you like to rotate between [00:04:30] sleeping positions, the latex foam makes it really easy to do. You’re still gonna get plenty of comfort and cushioning, but just remember it. Littles no sink in and very responsive. Me personally, I love the feel of latex foam mattress. It might not be for everybody, especially if you’re the type of person who really likes memory foam. You really like that sink in cradling feeling. You’re not really gonna get that on this mattress or other latex foam hybrids. But I think it’s super comfortable and I think a lot of people out there will too. Plus another construction element I forgot to mention is that the coil system inside this mattress is actually zoned, which means [00:05:00] that the bed is divided into five different sections with slightly varying levels of firmness to really help keep your spine in a neutral alignment while you sleep.

Speaker 1: This is becoming a more popular feature in mattresses. Casper features zone support in all of their mattresses, and it’s not really something you’re gonna feel on a nightly basis, maybe when you first get the mattress and your body’s adjusting to it, but after a while you probably won’t feel it really at all. And it’s just a nice subtle feature to help alleviate back pain. This bed’s actually endorsed by the American Cow Project Association, so that is a very long-winded way of saying [00:05:30] that you’re gonna be getting more of a responsive latex foam feel on the avocado green mattress. And a ton of work goes into making sure that it is as natural and organic and ethically sourced as possible. Moving on to firmness, that’s also a really important factor and you’re gonna have technically two different options when you’re checking out with the avocado green mattress.

Speaker 1: So you have the standard version that does not feature the pillow top. That uses three inches of latex foam as its primary comfort layer, and then you have the option to spend up for the pillow top, which adds an additional two [00:06:00] inches of latex foam, and that’s gonna soften up the bed quite a bit. In our testing, we found the version with the pillow top to be around a medium firm on our scale, which means it’s gonna be a very nice option for back stomach and combination sleepers. Without the pillow top, it’s gonna be closer to a true firm, so really only a great option for back and stomach sleepers exclusively. You’ll be spending up quite a bit to get that pillow top, but I think it’s absolutely worth it. It opens up the mattress to many more sleeper types. Really not a great option for strict side sleepers though, [00:06:30] because in general if you are a side sleeper, you’re probably looking for something softer.

Speaker 1: I sleep primarily on my side and even as a heavier person, this mattress is not quite soft enough to my liking. So if you are a strict side sleeper, we’ll try to make some other options for you down below in the description. But if you’re more of a back stomach or combo sleeper who only spends some of the night on their side, I think you’ll probably enjoy the firmness of the avocado green with that pillow top. If you’re interested in just a super firm bed, I might honestly recommend the avocado eco organic mattress instead. [00:07:00] It has a very similar construction to the avocado green mattress only. There’s no pillowtop option at all, and the firmness is actually pretty close and it’s more affordable. We’ll try and link our review of that bed down below in the description as well. Let’s move on to a few other categories for couples, namely motion, isolation and edge support.

Speaker 1: The edge support on this bed is actually very good. The coils on the outer edges is actually extra reinforced, so you shouldn’t really get any of that roll off sensation if you wind up sleeping on the outer edges of the bed and is gonna be a solid option if you are sharing [00:07:30] a smaller size mattress with a partner. The motion isolation on this bed is just okay. The coils and the more responsive nature of the latex film means it’s not gonna dead in motion quite as well as something like a Tempur-Pedic mattress, but the pocketed coils do a solid job at making sure you don’t get too much of that cross mattress motion. Maybe if you are an incredibly light sleeper, you might wake up if your partner tosses and turns, but I think you’re much more likely to wake up from them pulling on the covers or something as opposed to the actual feeling of the motion transferring through the mattress.

Speaker 1: Let’s move over to the subject of pricing now, [00:08:00] and there’s no getting around. The avocado green mattress is gonna be quite a bit more expensive than your average online mattress. But given the care and quality of the materials that go into the bed, I actually think this bed is pretty reasonably priced. If you decide to get the mattress with the pillowtop, a queen size should retail for around 2,500 bucks, which puts it in a very similar pricing category to the hybrid beds from purple, the higher end beds from Casper, and some other more premium mattress options. So it’s not super far above and beyond some other mattress brands when it comes to pricing. And avocado [00:08:30] will run discounts sometimes. Right now it’s 10% off. However, I am recording in the holiday season window, so that might change. Make sure you look in the description for up to date pricing and discounts.

Speaker 1: Prices and discounts do change frequently for online beds, so just make sure you look down there. And that leads us with a question, who should think about getting the avocado green mattress? And this bed is definitely targeted toward those shoppers out there who do a ton of research and try and find the exact right product for their home that minimizes any kind of chemicals coming into their home and wants to make [00:09:00] a purchase that has little environmental impact. And if that’s you, then I think you’re really gonna enjoy this mattress. As long as you’re not looking for a memory foam feel in your bed. That’s really the only sort of disqualifier I can see that. And it’s kind of pricey. So as long as it fits your budget and you don’t want a memory foam bed and you want something that is noticeably natural inorganic, I think you’ll really like the avocado green mattress.

Speaker 1: But let us know what you think. Write us down below in the comment section. We’d love to get your thoughts, and if you have any additional questions, write them down there and we’ll do our best to answer them. If [00:09:30] you found this video helpful or interesting, give a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. We would really appreciate it. And again, don’t forget to look down below in the description, tons of resources to help you with your mattress search down there. But that’s really gonna do it for me. This is on scene at home. I’ll see you in the next one.

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