State Farm recordsdata movement for brand spanking new trial towards Shannen Doherty


A month after a jury awarded actress Shannen Doherty $ 6.3 million after accusing State Farm of not paying enough for damage to her home, the insurer strikes back.

State Farm recently filed a retrial after a Los Angeles federal jury awarded the actress $ 6.3 million in October. The judges found that the State Farm’s failure to cover damage to Doherty’s Malibu home following the 2018 Woolsey Fire was “unreasonable and without good reason”.

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The $ 6.3 million verdict included $ 3 million in emotional distress, an additional $ 1 million in legal fees, and $ 460,000 in living expenses.

During the previous process, State Farm denied any wrongdoing. The insurer also claimed it paid Doherty $ 1.2 million and even paid for her temporary luxury living expenses while her fire-damaged home was being repaired.

New court documents received from RadarOnline indicate that State Farm does not agree with the verdict.

“Her emotional testimony that State Farm’s claims payments totaling more than $ 1.2 million were inadequate and that State Farm’s processing of their claims upset them, worked with the jury,” the insurer said in his new application.

State Farm also believes the evidence presented has shown that the $ 6.3 million Doherty award is “excessive.” The insurer also stated that the evidence it submitted for review showed that it did not inappropriately deny or delay payments it owed the actress.

“The evidence here is that the plaintiff asked for more money from her insurer, was upset that her claims were not met, and was unhappy that her home was expropriated for some time. That was it. She therefore had no psychological counseling. ” She didn’t need professional mental health services. It’s just not worth $ 3 million, “State Farm wrote.