State Farm and Ford accomplice to share information


Ford’s Vehicle Build Data product gives State Farm an overview of vehicle functions and a better understanding of how advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) affect the frequency and severity of car damage, the automaker said. State Farm, in turn, shared Ford damage data to inform the company about how certain vehicle characteristics affected auto damage.

Ford said that with the expansion of the pilot program, State Farm customers could benefit from the partnership with certain Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles from 2010.

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“We find solutions for the future by building everything on data, research and insights,” said Craig Isaacs, vice president of operations at State Farm. “The unique thing about this project is that we don’t just look at the make and model of a vehicle, but ultimately at the safety features of each vehicle.”

“Our new Build Data API, piloted with State Farm, is another way we can use data to help our customers get the most out of their Ford at a lower total cost of ownership,” said Tim Meek, Digital Insurance Manager at Ford Enterprise Connectivity. “In addition, State Farm can access build data up to 2010, which means that second and third owners can also benefit.”