Starbucks, Flush With Prospects, Is Operating Low on Substances


Although most people are reasonably familiar with the problems in the global supply chain, some Starbucks customers are still shocked – even outraged – that they are not getting their coffee exactly how they want it.

“I was told they couldn’t give me an extra dash of caramel because there was a national shortage,” said Nicole Brashear, a 24-year-old pharmacy student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, of ordering an iced caramel macchiato with extra Caramel drizzle at the end of May. “I just laughed and thought, ‘Isn’t caramel just burnt sugar?'”

The problem for Starbucks is that it never sold just a simple cup of coffee. For many, visiting the chain is a pleasure.

Customers learn the language in terms of sizes and specific beverages, then share their individual 12 ingredient beverage orders on social media. Many are looking forward to seasonal specials, such as the Unicorn Cake Pop and the Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino this summer, which are only available for a short time.

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June 10, 2021 at 8:41 a.m. ET

Orders are not barked for numbers like other fast food chains, but announced by name, suggesting that customers are friends or part of the Starbucks club, said Bryant Simon, a history professor at Temple University and author of “Everything But the Coffee “. : Learn about America from Starbucks. “

“Starbucks did something remarkable: take a really ordinary product, coffee, and remake it as an identifier of class, culture, judgment and knowledge,” said Simon. “Starbucks is a way to tell other people about yourself. Although it has gotten more complicated over time, this drink still says, “I deserve a break in my life. I can afford to waste money on coffee. ‘”

There used to be indications that Starbucks might have delivery problems. In a phone call with Wall Street analysts in late April, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson expressed some concerns that companies that were part of his supply chain were struggling to hire the staff they needed.