Pelosi Bars Trump Loyalists From Jan. 6 Inquiry, Prompting a G.O.P. Boycott


She said Ms. Pelosi was right to expel Mr. Jordan and Mr. Banks from the panel, saying that Mr. Jordan was a potential “material witness” and Mr. Banks “disqualified himself”, with recent comments affecting the work of the Degrading committee.

Mr Banks has come under fire for recently arranging a trip for House Republicans to join Mr Trump on the southwestern border, where a Capitol insurgency participant temporarily served as a translator. He had also released a militant statement Monday night blaming the Biden administration for its response to the uprising – which occurred in the final days of the Trump administration – and saying he would not allow the committee to ” into a forum for millions of Americans to be condemned for their political beliefs. “

On Wednesday, both he and Mr. Jordan accused Ms. Pelosi of failing to secure the Capitol from the rioters who chased them down the corridors on January 6 and chanted “Nancy”.

The leaders of Congress do not oversee security at the Capitol, although they hire those who do. It is controlled by the Capitol Police Board, which includes the House and Senate NCOs and the Capitol Architect. At the time of the attack, House NCO Paul D. Irving had been in office since 2012 when he was hired under spokesman John A. Boehner, Republican of Ohio. The then Senate gunman Michael Stenger was hired in 2018 when Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican from Kentucky, presided over the chamber.

Mr Jordan, who has referred to the committee’s work as a political attack on Mr Trump, was part of a group of House Republicans who met with the former president in December to help plan efforts to bring Mr Biden’s victory to life to challenge. Democratic select committee members are considering including him as a witness in their investigation.

Ms. Cheney reportedly collided with Mr. Jordan on the House floor on January 6 and blamed him for the riot, according to a new book by two reporters for the Washington Post.

Ms. Pelosi had said she would accept Mr. McCarthy’s three other nominees on the panel – Rodney Davis Rep. From Illinois, Rep. Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota, and Rep. Troy Nehls from Texas – and said she was encouraging Mr. McCarthy to two Offering new proposals will replace Mr. Jordan and Mr. Banks.