Ohio Home Races: What to Watch For


But who wins, and their margin of victory, could tell us a little bit about what Democratic voters think as the party seeks to capitalize on its tight control of Washington and prepares for a tough challenge for halftime in 2022.

If Mrs Turner wins, especially if she does so with ease, it would be a sign that the progressive energy of the upstart that drove Mr Sanders’ two presidential campaigns is not waning as the movement seeks out new national leaders gradually to succeed the 79-year old Mr. Sanders. And she would most likely send another high profile advocate to Congress for the left’s top priorities like universal health care and far-reaching climate action.

If Ms. Brown wins, especially if she does so by a wide margin, it would signal that Democratic voters would prefer a candidate more in line with the party’s flag-bearers in Washington and be careful about choosing someone who has those leaders in the past criticized. Or, as Sean McElwee, executive director of polling firm Data for Progress, put it, Democratic voters “are interested in voting for the person who will go to work and they will not have to think.” over again and again. “

In the Republican Race near Columbus, a crowded field of Republicans vies to piss off Mike Carey, an energy lobbyist who was backed by Mr. Trump. He was largely unknown until the former president threw his support for Mr. Carey in early June and all but made sure he would be the front runner.

But the race is fluid, with more than 10 candidates running for the Republican nomination. Some of Mr. Carey’s rivals also have a more established reputation in the district, the 15th Congress, as well as the support of prominent allies of Mr. Trump.

Those rivals include Bob Peterson, a state senator who also runs a 2,700 acre grain farm and is backed by Ohio Right to Life, the state’s leading anti-abortion group. There’s also Ruth Edmonds, who has a following among Christian Conservatives and has the support of Ken Blackwell, a prominent Conservative activist and Trump ally, and Debbie Meadows, an activist and wife of Mark Meadows, the last Chief of Staff to Mr. Trump in the White A house .