Mercury Insurance coverage slashes charges for N.J. householders


Mercury Insurance announced that it will reduce homeowner insurance premiums for New Jersey residents by an average of 5.2%. In combination with a Mercury car policy, the rate is reduced by an average of 8.2%.

The discount is effective immediately for new customers and applies to contract extensions from August 14th, the company announced.

“We love helping our New Jersey customers get their money back,” said Sarah Wang, Mercury New Jersey product manager. “We’re also focused on helping New Jersey homeowners get deeper discounts on bundled policies and increasing homeowner coverage for coastal residents. Mercury Insurance is voluntarily lowering its tariffs to help consumers as we believe that affordable insurance should be available to all. “

Mercury operates in New Jersey through a network of 485 independent insurance agencies. Homeowners can obtain a quote through the company’s website.

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“There are more ways to save money,” said Wang. “The tariff reduction can be combined with other discounts such as the bundling of home and car insurance in order to achieve additional savings of up to 16%.”

Mercury Insurance is a multi-line insurance company primarily offering personal auto, homeowner and commercial insurance through a network of independent agents. The company has coverage in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Virginia.