Mercury Insurance coverage lowers auto, owners’ insurance coverage charges in Georgia


Mercury Insurance is cutting its rates again by lowering insurance costs for drivers and homeowners in the state of Georgia.

The insurer announced that both auto and home insurance will see an average rate drop of 5%. The discount is effective immediately for all new customers from June 25th and for contract extensions from August 14th.

The cuts will save Mercury policyholders an average of $ 149 a year on auto insurance and $ 67 on home insurance, the company said.

According to Sarah Wang, Product Manager at Mercury Insurance, the company is “happy to be putting the money back in their customers’ pockets”. However, she noted that the company is also focused on helping homeowners on the Georgia coast obtain the coverage they need to repair and restore their homes after they have been damaged by covered hazards such as storms.

“Mercury Insurance is voluntarily cutting its tariffs to help consumers because we believe that affordable insurance should be available to all,” added Wang.

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The Georgia rate cut coincides with the other recent Mercury rate cut in New Jersey. In March, the company also cut auto insurance rates in Arizona.

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Last week, Mercury expanded the use of its MercuryGO app to drivers in Oklahoma. Users of the app can receive insurance discounts depending on their driving safety.