Mercury Insurance coverage launches auto insurance coverage app for Oklahoma drivers


Mercury Insurance announced that its usage-based auto insurance app is now available to drivers in Oklahoma.

The MercuryGO app offers in-app advice to help users become safer drivers, with additional features including a family sharing option that allows all participating drivers to see which family member is the safest, and for parents To get real-time feedback on their driving behavior from teenagers.

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In a statement, Mercury said that auto insurance owners who sign up to use the app can get a 5% participation discount, while teenage drivers can get up to 10% off.

“If MercuryGO customers then extend their policies, they can receive a discount of up to 40% depending on the driving result,” says the insurer’s statement.

“Driving safety is a very important issue for Mercury and we are constantly looking for ways to educate drivers of all ages about the importance of being vigilant behind the wheel while training them to learn how to avoid potentially dangerous driving behavior,” said Sherrie Schreck, customer service project manager at Mercury Insurance. “Most car collisions are preventable, so MercuryGO is an easy way to help drivers focus on their main job, thereby reducing fatalities and serious injuries. You could also save a lot of money with this program. “