Meet the Sheriff and Police Chief Tapped to Lead ICE and Border Patrol


And Homeland Security Minister Alejandro N. Mayorkas has started reviewing such agreements. In May, he terminated agreements with two county prisons in Georgia and Massachusetts that were investigating whether they had mistreated immigrant prisoners. Other agreements could also be terminated in the coming months.

“For several decades, immigrant leaders have been calling for the full unbundling of local law enforcement agencies from state immigration agencies,” said Simon Y. Sandoval-Moshenberg, an attorney with the Legal Aid Justice Center. “I think the nomination of these two people gives a lot of hope that we could actually see concrete action on this front.”

If anything, liberal groups seem ready to impose unrealistic demands on Mr Biden’s candidates for ICE and Customs and Border Protection by putting their visions in the highest language.

“The entire federal immigration system needs to be rethought to be guided by the concept that migration is a human right and the obligation to replace the deportation-oriented immigration system with one that embraces justice, diversity and fairness,” said Laura Peña, attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Customs and Border Protection and ICE have been at the center of some of the most controversial policies under the Trump administration, accused of racial profiling, excessive violence and inhuman treatment of people in custody. The agencies were among a dozen that Trump turned to last summer to “dominate” protesters who protested police brutality.

They are too Problems Chief Magnus and Sheriff Gonzalez faced in their own departments.

Last year Chief Magnus offered to resign after two Latino men died in the care of his department. One of the men was naked, handcuffed and face down on the floor, saying he could not breathe. When the mayor refused to review the department’s practices, the chief brought in an outside group. Some groups have criticized Chief Magnus’ handling of the situation, saying it took too long to post relevant footage.

Sheriff Gonzalez fired a MP in 2018 who shot and killed an unarmed man in violation of the Department’s policies on the use of force.