Lockton Insurance coverage Brokers names president for Sacramento operations


Lockton Insurance Brokers, the Pacific region of global insurance broker Lockton Companies, has announced the appointment of Alex Michon as President of the Sacramento operations.

Michon has nearly 30 years of industry experience. He joined Lockton in 2016 as Executive Vice President and built the Sacramento office from the ground up. He currently leads a team of 34 appraisal and insurance professionals, Lockton said.

“Alex’s exceptional leadership will continue to be a driving force behind our success and strong organic growth in the region that has the potential to support a large operation,” said Timothy Noonan, chairman of Lockton Pacific. “He has built a solid team of top talent in Sacramento and is committed to our culture as a highly independent, customer- and service-oriented company.”

“There has been a lot of turbulence in the brokerage industry today, characterized by failed mergers and consolidations,” said Michon. “This gives us access to an unparalleled pool of top talent looking for the stability of an independent broker dedicated to private property. Nothing drives growth like talent, and our team will continue to be the secret of our growth strategy and our value to our customers. “

Michon specializes in managed care and multinational organizations that require complex regulatory compliance. He is the co-leader of Lockton’s global Healthcare Practice Group and a member of the Lockton Pacific Series Executive Committee, which provides strategic direction and financial oversight for nine offices in California and Oregon.

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“Alex has been a leader from the day he joined Lockton,” said Bob Irvin, president of the Lockton San Francisco office. “He has proven to be a strategic advocate for his customers and a partner to his colleagues. Alex has grown the Lockton brand across the region and we are incredibly fortunate to have him as President of Sacramento and a member of the Executive Committee of Lockton’s Pacific Series. “