June Units Month-to-month Document for Most Migrants to Arrive at Border


WASHINGTON – A record number of migrants arrived at the southwest border last month, a slight increase from May and a sign that the surge this year could extend into the hotter summer months, when numbers usually start to decline.

June also brought more migrant families to the border than any other month since President Biden took office, according to new data released on Friday by Customs and Border Protection. In total, border officials encountered migrants at the southern border 188,829 times, the highest number in a single month in recent history.

The number of migrant children and adolescents arriving at the border has increased slightly since May, but the influx of them has slowed since early spring when there was a steep surge that sparked Biden’s first immigration crisis as president.

In June, an average of around 500 migrant children and adolescents arrived at the border alone, compared to around 600 a day in March. According to internal data from the New York Times, nearly 15,000 children were in government shelters on Friday that were overseen by the Department of Health.

The number of single adult attempts to enter the country fell slightly in the last month; they were turned down 82 percent of the time under the public health rule.