Gradient AI partners with Signal Mutual Indemnity Association

Gradient AI partners with Signal Mutual Indemnity Association

Gradient AI partners with the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association | Insurance Business America

The partnership will enable the insurer to triage claims quickly, leading to a more effective resolution.

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By Ryan Smith

Insurer Gradient AI has partnered with the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association.

Signal Mutual is the largest self-insured group provider of longshore services in the country. With approximately 5,000 new claims received each year, the association is constantly looking for strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its claims management. Recently, Signal Mutual turned to Gradient AI to use artificial intelligence to streamline their workers’ compensation claims workflow and screen claims more efficiently.

Gradient AI will enable Signal Mutual to quickly triage claims to reach a more effective resolution, the Insurtech said. Simpler claims are routed to less experienced staff and processed quickly, while likely complex claims are reassigned to more experienced adjusters. This strategy frees up internal resources to focus on claims that require more attention.

“Although we’ve only recently started integrating Gradient AI into our claims process, it’s already having a positive impact on the way we work,” said Ann Latimer, senior vice president and head of claims at Signal Mutual. “At Signal, we are committed to expediting the return of injured workers to the workplace, minimizing claims costs and improving our members’ claims experience. We look forward to continuing to leverage the capabilities of Gradient AI to resolve claims faster and reduce our overall claims costs.”

Gradient AI also worked with Signal Mutual to create a claims adjuster scorecard that leverages analytics to ensure members’ claims are managed efficiently, the insurtech said.

“We are excited to support Signal Mutual’s goal of continually improving its claims management operations and outcomes,” said Stan Smith, Founder and CEO of Gradient AI. “Our suite of AI-powered solutions and the scorecards we created together are just the beginning. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Signal team to enhance the claims experience for affiliates and staff.”

Earlier this month, Gradient AI announced that managing general insurer Western Skies has selected its SAIL product to provide stop-loss access to smaller, self-funded groups. In April, the company announced that health insurance group Roundstone Insurance had begun using the SAIL product.

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