Beazley launches streamlined miscellaneous medical liability product

Beazley launches streamlined miscellaneous medical liability product

Beazley Launches Optimized Other Medical Adhesion Product | Insurance Business America

This includes “improved protection for risks that are difficult to classify”.

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By Ryan Smith

Specialist insurer Beazley has announced the launch of a streamlined MiscMed product in both the US and London markets. The optimized product includes significant formulation improvements, Beazley said.

The MiscMed product covers medical professional liability risks for a spectrum of healthcare organizations. These include more complex risks that lie on the fringes of the healthcare sector, including search and rescue providers, humanitarian aid organizations and social services, Beazley said.

“We have a strong interest in this area and are able to leverage our extensive experience and risk knowledge to develop enhanced coverage for hard-to-locate risks,” said John Livatino, focus group leader for various US medical and life sciences at beazley “As with everything we do at Beazley, this new modular policy keeps brokers in mind – our coverage is organized around industry standards, giving them the flexibility to offer their clients a bespoke solution.”

Features of the new product include:

  • Simplified policy documentation now in a modular form
  • Added errors and omissions – financial loss and module offerings for clinical trials
  • The sexual/physical misconduct module has been separated to allow for clear reporting
  • Simplified with extended coverage built into the basic form requiring fewer annotations

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The optimized MiscMed product is now available in the US and London markets.

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