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At The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, internally driven innovation is a priority to improve the experience of insurance agents and policyholders. When asked to describe innovative initiatives at Cincinnati Insurance, John Crow, Vice President of Headquarters Claims, said: “We bring together critical thinkers with strong problem-solving skills and provide a platform for them to exchange ideas, find solutions, and test Them with our customers. “

To drive innovation, Cincinnati founded the Strategic Innovation Group in 2018. The company also rented space in the 1819 Innovation Hub on the University of Cincinnati campus to support and host Cincinnati Insurance’s 1819 venture process. Selected concepts submitted by companies go through a 12-week process of customer identification, co-creation and testing for validation. Throughout the process, a small, cross-functional team of employees involves customers at every stage to ensure that the concepts and developed applications are fully reviewed and validated for market acceptance. Through this process, the company has submitted applications to support DIY claims filing, remote inspections, and airborne imagery.

At the company’s headquarters in Fairfield, Ohio, Studio Ventures offers employees who cannot quit their job for 12 weeks the opportunity to validate customer-centric innovation concepts through an accelerated approach. With this program, the company is experimenting with a way to allow policyholders to monitor the progress of their claims from start to finish.

What is currently in the pipeline? Cincinnati Insurance is testing a new “bidirectional SMS” application that will allow experts to text textual communications with policyholders and claimants and to capture all communications and records in the claims system. This process required reviewing multiple vendors, piloting the program in the field, and ensuring that it met the needs of policyholders, agents, appraisers, and claims headquarters staff.

Additionally, the Claims Department and Strategic Innovation Group are continuing to work with insurtech companies Nearmap and HOVER, Inc. in anticipation of improved property inspection and drawing by offering a DIY photo submission application for policyholders as well as fortified ones Aerial photos to Cincinnati Insurance inspectors, appraisers and underwriters.

When asked how projects are selected for these innovation programs, Brad Purnhagen, Strategic Innovation Lead, said, “Cincinnati focuses on where there is business impact and unmet customer needs. Every time we can find such a space, we will devote ourselves heavily to this opportunity. That is clearly something that promotes the impact for the company.

Simplifying the claims process is one of the main goals of innovation at Cincinnati Insurance. Adds Crow, “We want to make it easy for our policyholders and agents to do business with us, communicate with us, and provide choices that allow them to interact with us the way they want.”

Keeping the pulse of innovation across the industry, Cincinnati is a member of the PlugandPlay Tech Center in California, BrokerTech Ventures in Iowa, and Cintrifuse in downtown Cincinnati. Hailed for its own initiatives, Cincinnati Insurance was the first insurance carrier to receive a $ 2.5 million grant from JobsOhio to support innovation. To learn more about how innovation improves the customer experience at The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, follow them on LinkedIn.

John Crow, Vice President, Headquarters Claims, has been with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies for 36 years and has held various roles within the claims organization. Today, John leads the Claim Operations Group, which supports technology, claims, analytics and regulatory reporting, call centers and financial operations. Follow John on LinkedIn

Brad Purnhagen, Strategic Innovation Lead, has been with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies for 14 years. With experience in underwriting, risk management and corporate strategy, Brad moved to his current position two and a half years ago to help build the Strategic Innovation Group. Follow Brad on LinkedIn

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