LG launches Primefocus Health for providers to deliver home healthcare

LG launches Primefocus Health for providers to deliver home healthcare

LG Electronics announced the launch of a new venture, Primefocus Health, which will develop a provider-facing healthcare delivery platform that leverages technologies and therapies to aid in remote patient monitoring and give patients access to new therapies through technology applications. 

It will also allow providers to collect patient data, communicate with patients, track progress and intervene when needed. 

The company says the offering will be able to integrate with a provider’s electronic health record system and use AI and machine learning capabilities. 

The venture is the first platform launched by LG Electronics North America Innovation Center and LG NOVA.

“LG Electronics has a longstanding, trusted reputation with consumers in homes worldwide, and in unveiling Primefocus Health we are seeking to build on that history as we ask consumers to trust us, in collaboration with their providers, with their healthcare management as well,” Darren Sabo, CEO of Primefocus Health, said in a statement. “Primefocus Health is committed to leveraging the latest technology to revolutionize patient care at home, leading toward a future of personalized, accessible, and effective care.”


LG has been aiming to make its way deeper into home healthcare. Atul Singh, general manager of digital health at LG NOVA, sat down with MobiHealthNews to discuss how the company was considering evolving its consumer electronics to improve health outcomes.

“Our ultimate vision is to follow the patient to the home. So, in the home, the customer or the consumer knows us through their interaction with our devices or appliances – the TV, the fridge, the washing machine and dryer, and so on,” Singh said.

“We want to then extend the care from the hospital once they get discharged into the home, and we want to enable these appliances and the devices that they already have made investments in to start offering care services.”

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