Hatcher Insurance coverage experiences appreciable development following acquisition


Under the direction of Palmer and Robertson, Hatcher Insurance implemented a growth strategy to create new revenue opportunities and also began hiring key positions. It has now been a year since the acquisition and the efforts of the executives have paid off.

A press release from the company said that Hatcher Insurance saw sales increase 125% in 2021. The agency also reported that its staff and office space has doubled since the acquisition, and that at least four more jobs will be hired within the year. Both Palmer and Robertson also plan to grow their business by 200% in the near future through organic growth and potential acquisitions.

Hatcher Insurance’s legacy is deeply rooted in the Central Florida community and we are excited to continue building that reputation into something even bigger, ”said Palmer. “Our main focus this year is to grow the business organically and attract top talent in the industry so that we can better support our top priority, the customer.

“Over the past two decades we’ve seen the big, independent Florida agencies being swallowed up by publicly traded or private equity-funded companies. With this purchase, we are going against the tide and giving back what our community lacks, ”added Robertson. “Ever since we met Billy in 2016, we’ve shared the same goal of ownership. We both grew up here and personally I come from a family with a nearly 80-year-old company in central Florida. “

Hatcher Insurance serves clients in the United States, with most clients being based in Florida. The agency focuses on construction, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, real estate development, hospitality and professional services.