Has New York Hit a Progressive Plateau? The Mayor’s Race Is a Key Take a look at.


“For the other candidates,” he added, “that really leaves this discussion to Adams.”

A NY1-Ipsos poll released Monday found that 46 percent of likely Democratic voters viewed crime and public safety as a top priority for the next mayor. A staggering 72 percent said they tend to agree or strongly agree that the police should put more officers on the streets.

A quarter of the likely voters polled said they were more progressive than the Democratic Party. Almost the same proportion, 22 percent, said they were more centrist or conservative. Slightly more than half said they were “generally in line with the Democratic Party”, which has moved significantly to the left overall in recent years.

Regardless of the primary outcomes, party strategists warn against drawing far-reaching conclusions from a post-pandemic local Democratic contest that is likely to be a low turnout issue.

Still, the city elections have been key barometers of basic energy in recent years, including the 2019 Queens Prosecutor’s race in which Tiffany L. Cabán, who ran for Democratic Socialist, nearly defeated Melinda Katz, a veteran of New York politics, defeat.

At least three contenders tried to emulate Ms. Cabán in this year’s race for Manhattan Attorney General. But the three – Tahanie Aboushi, Eliza Orlins, and Dan Quart – struggle to gain support. A more moderate candidate, Tali Farhadian Weinstein, led the way on fundraising, including $ 8.2 million in donations she recently made for her own campaign and the few polls available.

Tensions on the left erupted in public when Zephyr Teachout, a 2014 candidate for governor, argued on Twitter that Mr. Quart, Ms. Orlins and Ms. Aboushi had no road to victory.

That drew a sharp reaction from Cynthia Nixon, who challenged Governor Andrew M. Cuomo from the left and supported Ms. Aboushi in the 2018 primary. (Ms. Teachout supports Alvin Bragg, a former prosecutor who has also won the support of progressive groups.)