Eric Adams Wins Democratic Main for NYC Mayor


The final match between Mr. Adams and Ms. Garcia revealed sharp divisions within the Democratic Party over race, class and education.

Mr Adams, who posed as a working class candidate, topped the first election list in all counties except Manhattan and was the strong favorite among black and Latin American working class workers. He also demonstrated strength among white voters who held more moderate views, particularly among those who did not graduate from college – some data suggests – a coalition compared to the coalition that led President Biden to nominate the Democrats in 2020 .

Ms. Garcia, a former sanitation officer who spread a message of technocratic literacy, was popular with white moderate voters in the five boroughs. But she was overwhelmingly the Manhattan candidate and dominated some of the richest zip codes in the country. She appealed to highly educated and wealthier voters from across the ideological spectrum there and in parts of Brownstone Brooklyn, although she struggled to connect with colored voters elsewhere in the way it took to win.

The results crowned a remarkable chapter in the city’s political history: the race started in a pandemic and took several unexpected turns in recent weeks as a candidate faced allegations of sexual misconduct dating back decades; another faced an implosion of the campaign; and Mr. Adams, under fire for residency issues, offered reporters a tour of the Brooklyn apartment he claims to live in.

Most recently, it was marked by an electoral committee counting catastrophe that left Democrats simmering concerns about whether the final result would make voters divided and suspicious of the city’s electoral process. In a statement on Tuesday evening, Ms. Wiley thanked her supporters and expressed major concerns about the election committee.

“We will say more about the next steps shortly,” the statement said. ‚ÄúToday we just have to re-commit to a reformed electoral committee and build new confidence in the administration of the polls in New York City. New York City voters deserve better, and the BOE needs to be remade from scratch after a debacle that can only be described as a debacle. “

Ms. Garcia came third among voters who personally cast their ballots on Primary Day and during the early term, following both Mr. Adams and Ms. Wiley. But because of the ranked election, she moved up to second place, with significant support from voters who named Ms. Wiley and Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate, as their top contenders.