‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’ Clip: Tammy Slaton Says Tearful Goodbye to Husband

‘1,000-Lb. Sisters' Clip: Tammy Slaton Says Tearful Goodbye to Husband

1,000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton had to say an emotional goodbye to husband Caleb Willingham before leaving the weight rehab clinic where the pair met.

In Us Weekly’s exclusive first look at the TLC series’ season 5 premiere, which airs Tuesday, December 12, Caleb reads a sweet poem he wrote just for Tammy, 37, ahead of her departure from the Ohio facility.

“Sunflower, sunflower, God planted you as a seed in a field full of many, but you he meant for me,” Caleb reads. “In fields full of green, representing the life that you have breathed inside your king.”

Tammy wipes away tears as she listens to the moving ode while Caleb pauses at one point to collect himself, overcome with emotion.

“I love it,” Tammy tells Caleb after he finishes reading.

Tammy Slaton, Caleb Willingham.
Courtesy of Caleb Willingham/Instagram

“You’re my sunflower,” he replies.

The pair then share a long embrace as Caleb promises he’ll join her outside the clinic soon. “I’m gonna be there. I’m coming home baby. I don’t know when and I don’t know how but I’m getting there,” he says. Tammy nods while resting her head on Caleb’s shoulder.

Tammy and Caleb tied the knot in November 2022 at the same rehab facility where they met one year prior. Both were receiving treatment at the clinic for obesity-related health issues. (Tammy underwent a successful gastric bypass surgery at the treatment center in the summer of 2022 and has since showed off her dramatic weight loss via social media.)

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Less than one year after the couple exchanged vows, Tammy confirmed that Caleb had died at age 40.

“Rip sweet angel you will forever be missed and loved so much,” she wrote via Instagram in July. “Thank you Caleb for showing me real love and happiness ❤️❤️.”

Two days later, Tammy said that she was going through “the stages of grief” in the wake of Caleb’s death.

“Yeah, we were having problems but I loved that man and I still do,” she said through tears in a TikTok video. “You know, he’s not in any pain anymore. I know he’s in a better place.”

Caleb shares his fears about not having enough time with Tammy in the sneak peek at 1,000-Lb. Sisters’ season premiere.

“I have the love of my life right here with me and now I’m losing it,” he tells cameras. “The biggest fear I have right now is not knowing our future. I’m happy for her, but it’s scary.”

Despite having to say goodbye, Caleb and Tammy assure each other of their love.

“I love you. I do,” Tammy says in the clip while wiping away Caleb’s tears.

He replies: “I love you so much.”

Season 5 of 1,000-Lb. Sisters premieres on TLC Tuesday, December 12, at 9 p.m. ET.

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