2 Home Races in Ohio Will Check Democratic Divisions and Trump’s Sway


Mr Trump and his allied political groups hope to avoid another loss after the defeat of a Trump-backed House of Representatives candidate in Texas last week. In that race, a state official, Jake Ellzey, beat Susan Wright, the widow of MP Ron Wright, who held the seat until he died in February after battling lung cancer and being hospitalized for Covid-19.

Last week, pro-Trump group Make America Great Again Action bought nearly $ 350,000 last minute in text messages, digital ads, and television commercials in support of Mr. Carey. And Mr. Carey has pointed to the Trump seal of approval as his main selling point. For example, when he was filling out a candidate questionnaire for the USA Today Ohio office, his first response to why voters should vote for him was “First, I am honored to have President Trump’s approval.”

Despite Mr Trump’s dominance in the Republican Party, its voters are by no means a monolith. And some of Mr. Carey’s rivals have more established reputations in the district, the 15th Congress, and are supported by prominent allies of the former president.

Those rivals include Bob Peterson, a state senator who also runs a 2,700-acre grain farm and has the backing of Ohio’s leading anti-abortion group, Ohio Right to Life. There is also Ruth Edmonds, who has a following among Christian Conservatives and has the support of Ken Blackwell, former Ambassador of Mr Trump to the United Nations, and Debbie Meadows, an activist and wife of Mark Meadows, the last head of the White House of Mr. Trump of the staff.

Both primaries on Tuesday will test the limits of outside influence and money that have flooded the state all summer.

The presence of national groups and political names in bold is inevitable at the Democratic Race in Cleveland and Akron, where Mr Sanders was visiting over the weekend, and television commercials challenging the characters of the two women in the race are on an endless loop. They are competing to replace Marcia Fudge, who is the 11th-grade seat.